Samsung Gear VR review


For virtual reality newcomers, the innovative Gear VR with controller is among the great choices available and probably the most inexpensive.

If you have the newest Samsung phone, or one released 2 years ago, this headset and controller combination may be the most effective choice available.


  • Lighter and more comfortable
  • Supports two year’s worth of Samsung phones
  • Controller is well made


  • Larger and more expensive than the Google Daydream View
  • Controller batteries not rechargeable

Update: Samsung has become pretty quiet about VR recently, however, it is offering Gear VR owners a totally free adapter making it compatible with the Galaxy Note 9, hence it is absolutely not ignored it.

Rumors of a brand new headset are circulating for some time, however, we have yet to discover anything concrete away from the company.

The Samsung Gear VR is among the cheapest and best ways to experiences virtual reality in case you have a Samsung smartphone.

Also, since you are able to match it with a motion controller, it’s seems more immersive.

The newest Gear VR for 2018 touts a sleek, slightly improved design and also includes an USB C connector which hooks straight in the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

But, the big draw here’s the included wireless controller in the package.

It is a little remote that seems similar to an HTC Vive controller, punchy trigger, elevated touchpad along with all.

Also, while it might not get points for originality, it only works.

Placed in both the left or right hand, this particular controller is very simple to match to the phone of yours, so the movement controls include a higher level of interactivity which was sorely lacking from the Gear VR suite.

Completely, with the ever-growing and robust assortment of VR content as well as the new controller, the innovative Gear VR is a painless recommendation.

It is lighter, cross-compatible and more comfortable with earlier Samsung phones, also.

But, in case you currently have a previous model of the headset, you are able to get the controller separately.

Credit : Amazon

Samsung Gear VR price and release date

The new Samsung Gear VR can be obtained today to the tune of $129 (about £100, AU$117) and also consists of the updated headset along with its latest accompanying controller.

In case you hunt, you are able to think it is for cheaper online.

For all those currently rocking a Gear VR headset, Samsung plans on offering the controller separately for $39 (about £30, AU$50).

Plus, in case you are searching for a deal on the Samsung Gear VR, you are in luck.

Right now on Amazon in the US, you are able to get the Samsung Gear VR for only $86.99 (about £68.61, AU$116.52) with a controller.


The appearance of the brand new compared to the existing Samsung Gear VR is not day and night, however, it’s shed about a quarter pound in weight.

When compared with the sleeker, smaller Google Daydream View, it is still relatively monstrous, although, its size advantage yields special advantages over Google’s one-size-fits-all headset.

Firstly, the optics within is modified using the top mounted dial to help make the picture easier to see for the eyes of yours.

Google’s headset comes with a fixed position also it could take additional effort to see a clear picture.

Keeping the light out there is a thing that the Gear VR has constantly been great at as well as the latest product is not at all an different.

A great area of enhancement will be the breathability of the headset.

On the first iteration, things will get steamy after a couple of minutes of use, rendering the lenses foggy like a mirror after a warm bath.

But by including a few air vents beneath the eyes, I don’t find this to become a problem.

As compared to the older version, the cushion that rests around the eyes of yours and nose is visibly cozier and a lot more supporting.

Credit : Amazon

Provided in the package is a controller holder which may be installed into the top strap for easy storage.

 The port as well as buttons location are knowledgeable over the new headset, however, they’ve gotten some tweaking.

In order to complement the layout of the brand new controller, the brand new headset’s touchpad today comes with a home button to assist you to go straight from any game or app that you are using.

Confusingly, Samsung steamrolled the directional pad shaped indications on the touchpad.

Without a doubt, in case you have used the Gear VR before, you will most likely modify simply to the switch.

But VR first timers could be set off, as the brand new solution does not offer the best intuitive control scheme.

Rather than the micro USB port located on bottom part of the first Gear VR which was utilized for keeping your phone charged, the brand new headset features an USB C port which can do exactly the same.

Samsung touts it to be a multifunction port, hence it is most likely that we will see far more accessories coming that expand its capabilities, a lot like the way the controller has done.

samsung gear vr compatibility

Samsung has a swappable micro USB connector, which permits compatibility with the next devices:

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy Note five

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

And probably, the refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7, if that shows up.


The small controller is undoubtedly the highlight of the show, so let us dig into it.

The motion enabled wand complements the dark aesthetic of the brand new Gear VR, however, it additionally goes well together with the earlier model.

Run by 2 AAA batteries, the tiny controller has a volume rocker, in addition to a circular touchpad along with the rear and home button duo to mirror what is found on the side area of the headset.

On the back of its, there is just one trigger, that is good to get for the inevitable onslaught of first person shooters.

You will find a couple of video games offering controller compatibility and are employed in a way that you would expect if you have played something on Google’s Daydream headset or even the Nintendo Wii.

Credit : Amazon

You are able to aim the controller around in the virtual reality world to choose, shoot or perhaps grasp items.

In comparison to various other experiences, Samsung’s controller seems as well as works on par.

For numerous first pre order adopters of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, the brand new headset and the controller of its can come free.

But as well as at thirty nine dolars (about £30, AU$50), the controller is a pleasant, nicely made inclusion to the Gear VR family.

Samsung makes the controller suitable for the backlog of apps along with games which are currently offered to people.

Both the trigger and touchpad carry out similar basic “confirm” command, however, the motion capabilities are otherwise turned off.

Want other choices? Here is our list of the best VR headsets.



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