Oculus Rift S full review (part 2)

Oculus Touch controllers

If you are not familiar with the Oculus Touch controllers, already know that each have a thumb stick, 2 face buttons, a menu button, a trigger (for your index finger) as well as a grip button (where your middle finger goes).

They each has a lanyard, and each controller is in at 3.7 ounces and measures 4.7 x 4.3 x 3.5 inches. The thumb sticks, trigger and face buttons are touch controls, for this reason games are able to identify whether your fingers are on or off the controls, making it possible for you to pull out some finger guns or perhaps a thumbs up.

In Beat Saber, it was a bit hard to hold onto the controllers when swiping in any direction.

The controllers do not provide the ideal grip in common, plus as the battery cover is magnetic, I have had it slide down a number of times while playing.

Take into account that I have a tendency to get wet palms, however, I did not face this issue with the Vive Cosmos’ controllers, which are thicker and provide a tighter and smaller battery panel.

I had to hold onto the Oculus controller’s grip button to punch, and I had to utilize one of the face buttons to push myself ahead when playing Gorn.

But I accidently hit the menu button numerous occasions, as it is right below the face buttons.

On the Vive Cosmos‘ controller, the menu buttons are on the side area of the face area buttons, placing them safely out of the way.

It would have been great to use a strap especially for the palms of mine so I can glide the controller on and never stress about gripping it tight enough.

Which might be particularly handy because 3 of your finger could have to come out of the controller, giving you to rely only just on your ring and pinkie finger.

The top experience I have had with the controllers is in playing shooters, as I basically need to depend on keeping weapons with the grip button and firing with the trigger, but even in that case I discovered a problem with the controllers.

They are sort of uncomfortable to keep in a natural, upright position, however, you’ve to do that to be able to shoot a gun directly, because that is the way the gun is oriented in game.

While several details bother me about the controller, the size and weight make it so easy to utilize, and also I like how satisfyingly clicky the face area buttons are. But, I’m hoping that within the next iteration Oculus will think about making the grip merely a bit more time, while shrinking the battery control panel and shifting the menu button to a much better spot.

Oculus Rift S
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Oculus Rift S resolution (Screen specs)

Internally there are variations also. Once again, on paper they appear improvements, although, it is much less clear cut in practice.

The Rift S swaps out the 1st Rift’s dual OLED screens for a single LCD upping the resolution to 2560 x 1440 for what must be a sharper picture.

however, in addition, it lowers the refresh rate from 90Hz to 80Hz.

This’s designed to always keep the cost lower along with maintaining the minimum specs due to the device very much like that of the Oculus Rift, allowing far more folks get onboard without needing to update their PC gear.

Set up and Insight

What is inarguable though is the better usability of the headset as a consequence of the inclusion of those cameras.

That is a trade off we are pleased to make, as it is currently exceptionally simple to get rolling with the Rift S.

Whereas the Rift will have you struggling to position external sensors to track you and the playspace you had been standing in, particularly in case you are trying to enjoy a roomscale game which demanded a sensor be put behind you, plug the Rift S in and you are up and working in minutes.

The aforementioned camera powered Insight system is elegantly simple.

As soon as your computer has installed the essential Oculus software program and you have connected the headset in, place the batteries in the controllers and put the headset on, the Rift S then simply displays a white and black picture of the actual world around you, as seen by the cameras. Then all you have to accomplish is utilize the controllers to point at the earth and mark away an obstacle totally free play area, plus you are all installed and ready to go in only 5 minutes.

This safe play space will be represented around you as a Tron style cage – it just becomes noticeable as you use it or wave your controller wielding hands through it, telling you that you are approaching the boundaries of your designated play area.

Any time you have to evaluate what is happening within the real life but do not wish to remove your carefully adjusted headset, you poke your head through the VR boundary also you are once again presented with the actual world.

It is intelligent and useful.

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Oculus Rift S Games library

Remember when we said Oculus does not need you to call the Rift S the Oculus Rift two? It is because there is definite fear around a second gen product that may confuse as well as frustrate its existing specific player base.

In order to decrease the stress, Oculus is making the Rift S completely backwards compatible along with the first Rift titles, plus making the Rift forward compatible with the great bulk of games released for the Rift S and also Oculus Quest & Oculus Quest 2 with a few small exceptions.

Having said that, while you will certainly see exactly the same games in every one of the retailers, purchasing 1 on the Oculus Rift S or maybe Oculus Rift does not instantly score you an edition on the Oculus Quest it could, but according to Jason Rubin, VP of Games at Oculus, that is a choice they are likely to keep as many as of developers.

As for the quality and number of games coming over to the store in 2019, we had been informed that Oculus has invested $250 million of the own money of its in developers and would spend another $250 million in the coming years.

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And so far that cash has brought us more than fifty Oculus Studios titles, with much more coming down the pipeline.

Oculus’s own content library is worthy and robust now of attention, with games as Robo Recall, Lone Echo and From Other Suns exceptional games which just would not be anywhere near as engrossing outside of VR.

The forthcoming Asgard’s Wrath looks great also – the kind of full on, full length experience that several gamers fear cannot be found on VR.

They are able to on the Oculus Store, moreover these days not in numbers which are insignificant.

It’s the same for interactive movies, social VR hangout spaces and innovative design software program.

It has taken its time, but there is currently enough top notch VR application available you are not likely to be weary with the Rift S any time soon.

however, it is not every thing created equally – the Oculus funded titles have a tendency to be most remarkable, both visually and in regards to comfort.

There is a great deal of filler on the Oculus Store, and also several of it does not follow design criteria which make VR comfortable to navigate.

Thankfully, Oculus includes a liberal returns policy, and its store ranks sorts experiences by comfort level.

PeDespite its simplicity of set up, the Oculus Rift S did continually experience some balance issues. Making use of a machine which significantly surpassed the system’s recommended minimum specs, we would frequently find that Oculus will fail to react when booting up its software program, with its screen remaining black.

Moreover, this would often happen when waking the headset from sleep (which might spring into life when it recognises it has been put back in your head after it has been idle for a while).

Occasionally this would not be fixed with a computer restart, but just by unplugging the headset altogether.


it is a problem which seemed to be exacerbated using Steam VR.

Though It is a rival game front side, Steam owners Valve have performed well to initiate Rift hardware compatible with Steam VR software.

This’s superb, as it vastly raises the quantity of games which may be played on the Oculus Rift, for example Steam VR PC exclusives The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR, and Fallout four VR.

But running the essential Oculus Home app plus the Steam VR platform at the same time would always make the display screen crash out, or perhaps the controllers to be confused.

Additionally, the Rift S would often decrease my PC boot up pace to a complete, five-or-more minutes crawl, despite having an SSD drive, unless the headset was unplugged completely.

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Oculus Rift S vs. Oculus Quest

As they offer for similar price ($399), it might be tough to find out the big difference between the Oculus Rift S as well as the Oculus Quest, however, it is simple.

The Oculus Rift S is wired and makes use of Windows 10 also the Oculus Store to work as well as curate the games of its, while the Oculus Quest and the new Oculus Quest 2 are wireless and uses just the Oculus Store for its apps &games.

The Quest’s hardware restricted the number of video games you could have fun with on the headset. But not too long ago, Oculus announced Oculus Link, which enables you to connect a USB Type C cable that you are able to utilize to connect with your personal computerthe and operate the more demanding games in the Oculus Store and also games on Steam.

While the Quest provide the touch controllers, the company just introduced an update that enables you to capture the motion of your hands to ensure you are able to make use of them as controllers.

But, always keep in your mind that you are restricted on the quantity of storage space you’ve on device of yours, that will be either 64GB ($399) perhaps 128GB ($499).

Arizona Sunshine takes up 26.51GB, and also the Vader Immortal games squeeze in at 7GB to 12GB per episode, hence storage space is valuable for VR games.

While you will not must deal with that on the Oculus Rift S, you are able to keep your video games on your pc with the Quest because of Oculus Link.

Ultimately, in case you do not possess the hardware to run VR games to start with, go along with the Oculus Quest or the new Oculus Quest 2.

But in case you have that hardware, you may want to think about the Rift S, hence you do not suffer from not having enough storage or perhaps not having enough battery life.

But, if those 2 elements are not a concern for you, the Oculus Quest or Oculus Quest 2 could possibly be the best vr headset choice for you, since it is able to basically be a Rift S and it is natively wireless.

Final verdict

So the Oculus Rift S in a remarkably advanced beast.

In several key respects, it betters the initial Oculus Rift.

It is less complicated to set up, likely much more comfortable to put on, has a more effective games library than it did at launch, as well as a better resolution.

however, it has must compromise superior audio and refresh rate to accomplish that, and also does little to catch the attention of those which have previously bought the Oculus ecosystem.

Furthermore, the real experience of using a VR headset has, for worse or better, remained basically unchanged – whether that is a thing you will come across comfortable and fascinating, or maybe nauseating and isolating, and otherwise.

That tends to make the decision to not go in with 2 feet as well as push the limits of VR even more forward hard to extrapolate.

Who’s this for?

If the original Rift did not coax the everyday, I am unsure that a better set up experience is going to shift the switch for all those still on the fence.

And therefore not to focus on the committed hardcore VR fan leads us to think that Oculus runs the danger of allowing its most dedicated fans start to eye up the Valve Index instead.

Others have indicated the Rift S is actually aimed at developers setting out to work on on the Quest, since their feature set is so similar, with the extra grunt of the Rift S rendering it the potential to imitate also a next gen Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 which are still wirefree but with a several years of improvements allowing it to get an overall performance bump of its own.

That might make sense, whereas the Rift S, as it appears these days, actually does not.

At this particular point, the long term future of Oculus VR, in case it’s ever to get mainstream appeal from a consumer perspective, looks to sit after that with the Oculus Quest and the new Oculus Quest 2 , whose freedom of movement does stand the possibility of becoming really transformational, given the best software.

The Rift S, by comparison to its stablemate plus its impending competition, seems a step behind the pack right from the gate.

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