The King Of VR – Oculus Quest Review 2020

Although Oculus Quest has recently announced Oculus Quest 2, the original Quest continues to be great choice for standalone headsets as shown in our oculus quest review .

The Quest follows on from the Oculus Go, the very affordable, standalone device from Oculus released in 2018. The Quest is a level up in nearly every way.

The difference is that, unlike the Go’s’ orientation only’ movement system, the Quest provides 6 degrees of freedom tracing

The 2 controllers are like the previous Oculus but with sensors placed on the sides of the headset.

This mean can walk without using a cable holding you back and your movements are converted into VR.

The Quest opens up possibilities for walking around, crouching, bending, with no wary of tripping over wires .

Newcomers to VR will be interested in following the new oculus quest (Oculus Quest 2)

Due to its higher resolution display screen and refined controllers, but surely Oculus Quest is still a good choice.

So let’s start our Oculus Quest review !


  • No cables required
  • Sharp display
  • Powerful processor
  • Accurate motion tracking
  • Optional PC tethering with accessory cable


  • Short battery life


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Oculus Quest Price and release date

Oculus Quest cost $399 for the 64GB model, in addition to $499 for the 128GB version.

While the Oculus Go cost is $199 for the 32GB model, $249 for the 64GB model.

Whereas the Oculus Rift costs $399 about AU$640 now, but released at $799.

and Oculus Rift S that costs $399.

Oculus Quest released on May 21, 2019 and is currently sold in twenty two countries, including the UK and US.

credit : Amazon

Oculus quest Design

The Oculus Quest is one of the best-looking VR headsets  on the market. It feels like a well-designed and solid piece of kit once you get it out of the box.

However, measuring 120mm x 110mm x 90mm, it seems to be amazingly compact and it is light.

The front side has a matte black exterior with Oculus printed at the top. The sides are covered in a tough fabric, with a similar experience to the Go. Turn it over and there is a foam inner lining around the goggles.

We have experimented with a lot of VR headsets and this’s one of the comfiest vr headsets .

In order to secure it onto your head there are 3 thick velcro straps:

one on top , one on each side- you are able to quickly modify before you place it on ..

These velcro straps are placed on a rubberized, triangle shaped headband which covers the back of your head. This stayed very safe – even with 60 minutes of Beatsaber-ing.

We have realized that quite a few people are troubled by light leakage when it comes to VR since it is able to break the immersion.


For us it relied on the experience. That means it is difficult to say exactly how you will react to it, but realize it is (slightly) there.

The headset’s weight distribution generally felt great, and this is important when looking up and down.

After 60 minutes of constant wear we started to begun to feel pressure on the back of our heads from the straps, and also slightly on the cheekbones.

On the sides of the headset there is a 3.5 mm headphone jack and 3 buttons. One of them turns the power on and off, another turns volume up and down.

Like both Rift and Go, there is a focal slider undetectable under the front side of the headset that provides you the option to shift the focal distance between the lenses.

The glasses spacer is a great addition.

As anybody who has tried using glasses with a VR headset may have an idea of, they are required but can get squashed or make the headset sit weirdly.

The Quest includes 2 controllers :

Every one with thumbsticks, buttons over the top part, a trigger button underneath as well as a grip button at the edge, these’re operated by 2 AA batteries.

The same as the headset itself, the controllers smaller versions of the current Oculus controllers. The design of the controllers is ergonomic, which is important when you are learning to make fists and manipulate objects.

The overall style of the Quest is beautiful.

However, it is the untethered freedom and relatively small design that is the true draw here.

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Oculus quest resolution Performance

It is still a confusing time for VR.

Some individuals may have just tried experiences with cell phones, like the Samsung Gear VR headset or perhaps the Google Cardboard.

Whereas others could own a PSVR, a PC run headset or perhaps have experimented , The Void.

The Quest has an OLED display panel with 1440 x 1600 per eye resolution. Pictures on the screen look colorful and clear. Compare this to the PSVR‘s 960 × 1080 pixels per eye, which means the Quest’s experience will look much more realistic.

When it comes to processing power, a few have been a bit of disappointed when it was first revealed the Quest will be running on a Snapdragon 835 processor.

That is because it is not the newest processor from Qualcomm.

Unlike other headsets that need extra equipment, external sensors or a long set up process,

once the Quest is charged up you can be up-and-running within a couple of mins.

When you’ve the oculus quest app you will have to pair the headset.

You will then need to walk through a few of steps, pairing the headset up to the oculus quest app, connecting it to Wifi as well as getting the controllers up and running.

There are then a safety notices to work through.

One of the key selling points of the Quest is that it handles movement tracking well.

The movement tracking is great, especially when you consider how far VR has come in several short years.

Another big draw of the Quest is it is perfect for areas of all sizes.

Firstly that is because do not have to get worried about where it goes, hooking it up to a computer  and arranging external sensors.

Although, it also comes with an excellent ‘guardian’ security system.

This enables you to ‘draw’ a boundary line in your bedroom, which means you are able to stay away from furniture , then you play within that boundary.

You are reminded it is there really subtly as you play with a grid which fades in and out as you use it.

This looks like a small addition, however, it is key to translating a cool VR experience into your daily life.

The recommended gameplay  field that is at least 2 meters x 2 meters or perhaps 6.5 feet x 6.5 feet ,

however, you are able to play in less than that.

It is well worth pointing out that several games will not work nicely if you are just standing still, you will have to have the ability to reach out and grab things.

Oculus Quest has positional audio built in, which provides audio out of your VR without headphones.

The built in speakers are not as well asa top quality pair of headphones. . It is also truly wireless that way, instead of getting headphone cable swinging round your neck.

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Oculus quest games and Apps

When the VR headset officially launches, we will have fifty apps to select from.

These includes Rift games improved for Quest, as originals created especially for the Quest, like Dead and Buried II.

Dead and Buried II and Creed II were is good to try untethered in  a big room.

Because of sensory conflict we did experience a little bit of motion sickness.

That is because the games needed moving to places in VR or walking on the  spot .

Wander is a great early illustration of utilizing the Quest to explore, enabling you to go on the world using Google Street View data.

We hope there will be as much documentary, nature as arts-based content as the Quest gains momentum amongst developers.

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Among the most highly-anticipated is Vader Immortal. It will be a 3 part game from Lucasfilm, ILMxLAB and also Oculus along with ILMxLAB.

Alongside Vader Immortal, Oculus has confirmed Quest ports for a selection of various other oculus quest games like:

Superhot VR, The Climb, Face Your Fears, The Unspoken, Robo Recall and Stormlands.

Oculus quest Battery life

The Quest last two to three hours after a complete charge, based on whether you are doing.

We discovered that the Quest lasting between two hours & two hours and twenty minutes with a lot of gameplay.

It is well worth talking that as the Quest approached empty battery levels we observed some minor glitching of frames.

 It did not discontinue gameplay, however, it started to be apparent it was time for a charge.

Just more than two hours feels simultaneously somewhat short for serious gamers, but additionally remarkable to state the headset is standalone.

(Also, do not forget VR newbies will discover over thirty minutes being sufficient in one setting to start with.)

Nevertheless, what helps is the fact that the Quest has a long, six metre long cable, presumably this’s so you are able to continue playing when it is charging.

That means it is suddenly tethered again, but at least you’ve the choice to charge and also play.

The battery is simple to check out either from the Oculus app on your phone or via Oculus Home menu.

It had taken two hours to charge the Quest to 100 %, and that is not the greatest trade off.

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 Oculus quest Verdict

The Oculus Quest seems very special.

It is an out of the box experience which enables you to enjoy immersive VR anywhere without having additional equipment .

The Oculus Quest shakes things up, bringing in a headset that’s additionally standalone, accessible and light but has all important movement tracking built in, with an experience that rivals the Rift in many ways.

Whereas the Go may be for all those curious about VR, casual gamers and individuals interested in 360 content, Quest takes it a step further.

It is for individuals that are curious about VR as well, but more serious about entertainment and trying new tech.

The Quest looks an affordable option in comparison to other VR’s you do not require a computer or additional equipment.

But, it is hard to say that it is an inexpensive choice for everyone.

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Oculus Quest Specs

I was a little disappointed that Facebook selected Qualcomm’s previous generation Snapdragon 835, rather than the 855 or even 845.

However, I think that the company needed to choose the 835 to hit its price targets.

I am hoping the following Oculus headset utilizes the Snapdragon XR2 that Qualcomm announced late last season as it’s the potential to raise the Quest into,

a completely different performance category.

An additional complaint is the fact that the Quest just has 4GB of RAM.

I suspect that’s what limits the Quest’s multi tasking to a’ beta’ feature that just makes it possible for 2 apps at a time.

RAM is inexpensive and the Quest uses smartphone grade LPDDR4 at this time, that is plentiful and comes standard in almost all mobile phones today.

The Quest still ships in exact same 2 configurations at, 64GB and 128GB.

It was intelligent for the company to unify the controller scheme between the Rift and Quest.

I’m  not a lover of that the touch controllers use one single AA battery – I’d prefer to have rechargeable batteries.

 I love that the Quest currently has support for hand tracking as well.

That way, in case you forget the controllers the headset isn’t totally useless (a problem with other standalone VR headsets).

 Also they add Hand tracking .

 This’s a unique development as it allows game developers to theoretically create titles involving hand tracking rather than Touch controllers.

 For now, though, this feature is mainly restricted to navigation around the UI and also controlling simple apps .

The Quest has a 1400×1600 resolution display in each eye, and that is pretty good but not as large as some PC tethered headsets.

 The displays are Pentile OLED, with a refresh rate of seventy two Hz – this’s unique, because so many panels are sixty Hz or maybe ninety Hz.

 seventy two Hz is probably an overclocked sixty Hz panel, but those twelve frames per second can mean a great deal with regards to enhancing judder.

  I believe that Oculus must up this to no less than ninety in the future generation (or perhaps higher) to be able to be competitive – particularly considering that the Quest can right now be tethered to a computer with an Oculus Link cable, easily offering frame rates beyond seventy two FPS.

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Oculus quest Overall Experience

Oculus quest setup process was extremely simple, requiring just about a 5×5 foot area (though I used a 10×10 area for my setup).

 It needed no additional wires or cables, and the built-in headphones did the job (though I did choose pair of Bose QC35s for extra immersion and isolation).

 At first the Quest did not support Bluetooth audio, but that support is now in Beta .

 I recommend going wireless in case you can – with specific apps that involve a great deal of arm movement.

After using Oculus Quest for nearly an entire year, I would say the overall experience was very good.

 One of the major selling points was the Quest’s ease-of-use.

 While I definitely love the performance, quality and appearance of my HTC Vive and HTC Vive Pro, the PC VR setup requires you to switch on the television (assuming the PC is already on), start up SteamVR, put the headset on and also switch on the controllers.

 With the Quest, you just put the headset on and you’re ready to go.

Oculus’ SLAM algorithm,’ remembers’ certain areas & rooms & spaces.

 It’s able to figure out where the floor is, what the surroundings are, and also the best way to track the headset’s position within them in 6-DoF (degrees of freedom). Oculus’ tracking system, Oculus Insight could remember as much as five different areas and has experimental support for as much as 4,000 square feet.

 The Quest doesn’t do well in darker environments because the cameras have to be able to observe the items they’re looking at in order to determine what they’re.

 A lot of people have wondered if it is possible to use the Quest during air travel – VR will be excellent entertainment on flights that are long.

 I can confirm that the Quest does really work on planes, and I managed to play a few songs on oculus quest Beat Saber with little arm movements.

  I didn’t try standing up and walking around the plane as that would have likely gotten me in trouble.

 I noticed a significant amount of fixed foveated rendering with variable rate shading. what this means is would be that the Quest is just rendering the graphics at the highest resolution in the middle of the screen and where your eye is in focus the majority of the time, while gradually tapering off the resolution into lower as well as lower quality to save on battery and greatly improve overall performance. Unfortunately, that looks quite bad in case you actually look away from the middle of the display.

In terms of battery life, I discovered that the headset very easily usually lasts a few hours – one hour for aggressive use, plus 2 hours of casual use on average.

 The headset itself charges quite quickly.

Oculus ordinarily saves your last app in memory so you are able to re launch it the next time you use the Quest and get back into the action.

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