Is the Oculus Quest 2 worth it?

In our oculus quest 2 review you will definitely know the answer .

Oculus Quest 2 is (just about) here! Facebook announced the headset and opened pre orders nowadays beginning at $300.

Oculus Quest 2 release date :

Oculus Quest 2 release date is October 13th.

When Quest initially launched in 2019, we called it the 1st great standalone VR headset, owing to it becoming a really comprehensive bundle between hardware, software, and content.

we watched Quest greatly improve over time with software updates which added brand new features as well as improved existing ones.

And these days we’ve Quest 2, and that is pretty basically the same headset, just much better in almost each manner.

But before people who own the original Quest look at the old headset of theirs with disdain, think about this. Quest 2 could be much better in (almost) every way, however, it actually does not do nothing new.

Oculus says both headsets are going to share very same game library.

A quandary next would Quest 2 have been better known as Quest S? Well indeed, but in addition no. As you will discover throughout our review, a good chunk of Quest 2’s potential hasn’t yet been unlocked. Like the first, Quest 2 will see changes over time.



  • No cables required
  • Sharp display
  • Powerful processor
  • Accurate motion tracking
  • Easy to use


  • Short battery life


Oculus Quest 2 Specs vs. Quest 1 Specs

credit : IrisVr

Quest 2Quest
Resolution (per-eye)1,832 × 1,920 (LCD)1,440 × 1,600 (OLED)
Refresh Rate90Hz72Hz
ProcessorSnapdragon XR2Snapdragon 835
Battery Life2–3 hours2–3 hours
Controller Battery Life4x original
Field of ViewEqualEqual
IPD Adjust58mm, 63mm, 68mm58–72mm
Storage64GB or 256GB64GB or 128GB
StrapSoft Rigid

What’s great?

The price: The $299 all in price remains not trivial, particularly in an economic downturn.

An additional thing to consider would be that the step-up $399 model has 256GB of storage, up from the 128GB max on the earlier Quest.

oculus quest 2 resolution (The display screen resolution)

The Oculus Quest 2 resolution is 1,832×1,920-per-eye pixel resolution is much better than the 1,400×1,600 on the previous Quest.

Also it will make almost everything smoother, eliminating a lot of the “screen door” pixelation.

The current XR2 processor additionally reduces the lower res halo on the borders of the screen which occurred until now because of fixed foveated rendering .

That made the middle of the screen appear ultrasharp to assist the earlier processor.

It is more universally clean and crisp now, while at the edges.

Built-in audio does no require headset:

The ambient spatial audio that from the side straps is very good, and I love it to working with headset.

It may sound just a little to me than the earliest Quest. There is additionally a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The Oculus Quest 2 XR2 chip could create much more advanced graphics and be chosen for room tracking:

Now, the Quest 2 runs the exact same Quest apps and has exactly the same hand tracking capabilities.

The device will be able to run more advanced apps and evolve its room awareness and tracking skills.

Qualcomm’s chip is multiple generations beyond what the earlier Snapdragon 835 may provide, plus has specialized computer perspective AI.

But that is almost all theoretical; In this moment it is actually running nicer looking Quest games.

A handful of Quest video games happen to be getting graphics improvement, which make games look closer to PC level experiences.

Oculus quest 2
credit : oculus

The refresh rate is substantially better, up to 90Hz:

The earliest Quest can run at 72Hz, a little bit less than PC VR headsets which can go to 90Hz.

The quicker the refresh rate, the softer the experience.

The Quest 2 can easily do 90Hz, however,it will begin just as an experimental characteristic for the house as well as browser apps, with app assistance coming later.

The weight and size :

Quest 2 is 10% less heavy (17.7 ounces, or maybe 503 grams ) and it is also smaller.

it is still a couple of goggles, although It is easier to hold and use.

The fundamental flex straps are a lot easier to pack down, too — the earlier Quest’s more difficult strap made it bulkier for traveling.

Oculus quest 2 controllers and battery life:

 The revamped Oculus Touch controllers have exactly the same buttons and analog and buttons sticks & triggers, such as a split-apart PlayStation controller.

However, quest 2 controllers are sturdier-feeling and bigger, and in addition have a larger button area with a thumb rest.

The controllers still use AA batteries rather than being standard rechargeable, but last a whole lot more on one battery.

 I have not needed to replace them yet after a month.

Furthermore, the battery cover does not randomly slide off from time to time does on the Oculus Quest 1 controllers.

Oculus Quest 2 games :

Now, the Quest 2 runs just exactly the same apps and games as the Quest 1.

The group of apps is already very big as well as filled with very good VR game choices.

At this time there are additionally a lot of new upcoming activities,a lot of them ports of present Console VR games or pc.

I have played first versions of the upcoming Rez Infinite, the survival battle royale Population One, The Walking Dead:

saints and Sinners as well as first-person shooter Warhammer 40,000 Battle Sister.

hence much, every one of these’re backward-compatible along with the Quest, so owners of Oculus Quest 1 certainly do not have to upgrade.

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What is a bit of a letdown ?

You have to use a Facebook account.

It is not quite as friendly to my much larger glasses:

The eye area on the Quest 2 is just a little smaller, and the included foam padding feels cushier and firmer.

But the glasses nowadays seem a little bit more jammed in than on the previous Quest.

Facebook sells a match pack ($39) with a few completely different snap-out foam frames for various face types, so perhaps I will need one of those.

But after a month, the foam has broken off in a little bit and felt much better.

credit : oculus

The Quest 2 top straps are not really as comfortable, either:

Going with simpler flexible straps rather than the more strict array on the earliest Quest means the headset feels less comfortable for me.

Facebook sells a strict Elite Strap ($49) which could be attached, and once again, perhaps that would help? Once more, these straps have felt a lot better after a couple of week of breaking in.

How long does oculus quest 2 battery last ?

The headset lasts two to 3 hours, which is just like the last Quest.

Identical headset battery life, requires a very long time to recharge:

I find battery life is able to run down in only one evening, after which I have to recharge.

And recharging takes a very long time — 60 minutes or perhaps much more that would mean you will have to take a VR break whether you love it or perhaps not.

Facebook does sell a head strap with an additional battery pack.

The provided USB C cable is a lot shorter now:

The original Quest provided a superlong USB C cable which could be used to charge, while playing, or maybe tether through USB C to a PC.

The shorter charge cable with the Quest 2 makes that impossible, but guess what? Facebook sells a longer cable or perhaps you could potentially purchase your own for PC tethering by Oculus .

No expandable storage:

The 64GB on the $299 Quest is going to hold many dozen apps and video games .

The step up 256GB model must be plenty. But that onboard storage is your best choice.

The LCD display’s blacks are not as dark as the first Quest OLED:

The fast-switch LCD on the Quest two is typically more effective, however, the black levels are obviously much less black .

In a darkened virtual movie theater or perhaps with a dark game as The Room VR, I am a great deal more mindful of the display’s light.

(On the up side, bright pictures as well as text including webpages appear to be far more vivid.)

IPD ( interpupillary distance) feature for my eyes was little bit of a learning process:

The previous Quest meet my eyes completely, and in addition had an interpupillary distance slider to suitable eye distances for almost anyone.

The Quest two replaces the slider with 3 preset eye distance options (53mm, 63mm, 68mm) which are supposed to suit nearly all individuals.

credit : business insider

You cannot actually utilize it in sunlight:

The Oculus Quest 2 is as a vampire — ensure that it stays indoors.

Direct sunlight is able to result in long lasting harm to the displays when beams go through internal lenses, so when I use it outdoors, the headset tracking had plenty of difficulty locating the controllers.

It is a reminder that VR headsets still are not daily take-absolutely-anywhere items quite yet, however I have accomplished some outdoorsy experiments some times .

Oculus Quest 2 Hardware

Among the most enjoyable but as of yet untapped bits of hardware in Quest 2 would be the processor.

Although the first Quest introduced with a dated (even in the time) Snapdragon 835, Oculus efficiently picked the highest-end processor they can for Quest two, the Snapdragon XR2.

Not merely could it be much more effective, it is additionally a made-for-VR chip including several extra features that insure that it is a lot better to be used in a VR headset.

however,it is going to take a bit of time up until we come across the XR2 actually shining in Quest 2.

On day one, Oculus reveals that Quest two is going to run come with an experimental’ 90Hz option that will run the headset’s main menu in which refresh speed.

 Games, nonetheless, will go on to run at 72Hz.

Shortly after launch, as reported by Oculus, the company is going to make the 90Hz mode default for the main menu as well enable developers to make use of the additional refresh rate, but that could well demand per-app updates.

The very same thing goes for Oculus Link.

On day one, in case you plug Quest 2 into your PC to use Link, PC VR content material of yours is going to run at 72Hz and also have a similar thing encoding quality as Quest 1.

Just after launch, Oculus states, Quest 2 will have the ability to use Link at 90Hz and better quality.

So it is going to take a bit of time before we come across the whole power of Quest two.

The nice thing the fact almost all games could immediately use Quest 2’s higher resolution, so that is a particular advantage which you will discover right from the gate, and also it is a great one.

Oculus quest 2 price and Availability

Oculus Quest 2 is available in two variants: a device with 64GB of storage, priced at $299 / AU$479, in addition to a 256GB edition for $399 / AU$639.

That is a big saving with the selling price compared to oculus quest 1 price or even Oculus Rift S that costs $399.

 it is definitely not cheap, but thinking about It is a contained experience which does not demand a computer, console or perhaps an extra screen to be able to accomodate it, it represents excellent value.

Who should Buy oculus quest 2 ?

You are looking for an accessible, wire-free VR experience Self-contained also extremely simple to use, Oculus Quest 2 represents the ultimate of VR gaming as well as experiences, in a system that even a a technical beginner is able to create and appreciate.

You’ve a VR-ready gaming PC You will get a lot bang for your buck in case you have got a very specified PC to hand, as plugging a cable into the Quest 2 starts up access to tethered PC VR experiences, also.

You’ve a large play room to enjoy Oculus Quest 2 could be fun by anyone, because of the manner in which it scales the Guardian room tracker of its from seated, to standing, to free roaming experiences.

But Quest 2 is at its best when you have gained a big (indoor) area to roam around, totally free of obstacles for breaking the illusion of wandering around a digital environment.

 Who should not buy oculus quest 2 ?

You do not wish being linked to Facebook Oculus’s recent changes to its User Agreement implies that you will need to have a Facebook account activated to be able to make use of the oculus Quest 2.

Which comes with it Facebook’s data monitoring practices, so in case you are not really a fan of that situation, you are out of luck.

You are very easily nauseated It will differ for every person, but specific virtual reality experiences still have the ability making you feel a little nauseous.

There is a great deal of methods to minimize this effect, which includes not playing racing or even flying games, however, it is a factor which does not normally be made with different media & platforms.

You have actually got Oculus Quest 1 There is lots to love about oculus Quest 2, but in case you are an owner of Oculus Quest 1, you should not feel left too far behind by the launch of Oculus Quest 2 version.

Want other choices? Here is our list of the best VR headsets.


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